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:new: New prices in all categories!

Comission Alucard by Jecksy-Candy

-- Rules --

:bulletblue: completed artwork is for Personal use only :bulletblue:

:bulletblue: Point comissions and Art trades are CLOSED :bulletblue:

:bulletblue: No refunds. Please be 100% positive that you want to commission me :bulletblue:

-- How It Rolls --

:bulletpink: Send me a note explaining your order :bulletpink:

:bulletpink: I will reply your request and give an approximate time in which I'll finish your comission, if accepted :bulletpink:

:bulletpink: Please transfer the payment and send note to me. I'll reply the note after the payment confirmed :bulletpink:

:bulletpink: Please do wait patiently for your art to be done, and take in consideration I might end up overwhelmed by college and family business :bulletpink:

-- Will Do --

:bulletgreen: OCs w/ refs
:bulletgreen: Fanart
:bulletgreen: Gijinkas
:bulletgreen: Portraits of Real People (friends and family)
:bulletgreen: Animals / Furries / Anthros
:bulletgreen: Weapons / Armor ( love those btw my best works are armored characters)

--Won't Do--

:bulletred: Yaoi / Yuri / Shounen-Ai / Shoujo-Ai
:bulletred: Hentai
:bulletred: Nudes

-- Prices --

:bulletpurple: Prices are in USD :bulletpurple:

:bulletpurple: If requesting for a specific pose will be charged + $5- $15 (depending on the difficulty of the pose)  Same for background, can be charged 
+ $5- $20 depending on difficulty

:bulletpurple: Prices per character :bulletpurple:

:star: Chibi :star:

Sketch - $3
Flat colors - $4 
Shaded - $6
Airbrush painting - $8
Comission - LittleNoko by Jecksy-Candy

:star: Headshot :star:

Sketch - $4
Flat colors - $6 
Shaded - $8
Airbrush painting - $13

Hashihime by Jecksy-Candy

:star: Bust-up :star:

Sketch -
Flat colors - $9
Shaded -  $10
Comission - Youkai-Meimi 2 by Jecksy-Candy

:star: Waist-up :star:

Sketch - $9
Flat colors - $13
Shaded - $17

SS-Naochiko by Jecksy-Candy

:star: Knee-up :star:

Sketch - $18 $12
Flat colors - $25 $17
Shaded - $33 $22

Bride of The Dragon by Jecksy-Candy

:star: Fullbody :star:

Sketch - $20 $18
Flat colors - $30 $22
Shaded - $40 $27

Zhinlao by Jecksy-Candy
Comission2 - YoukaiMeimi by Jecksy-Candy

-- Payment --

:bulletpink: PayPal only -> ( )
:bulletpink: I will only begin to work on the piece after the payment has been confirmed on my PayPal account

-- Order Form --

Please fill this out when ordering and send it via DeviantArt note 

Subject: [Commission]

Commission Type: [ Headshot / Bust-up / Waist-up / Knee-up / Chibi ]

Style desired: [ Sketch / Flat / Shaded / Airbrush Painting ]

Reference: [Picture Link / can be written in details / Please be AS DETAILED AS YOU CAN for maximum appreciation]

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Wheelzzz Featured By Owner 1 hour ago
/hugs your beautiful face because it's beautiful
Setsuna-Yena Featured By Owner 6 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
"Moreover, we have made vast changes in how the Shitennou are treated this time. You know, in the manga they were quickly defeated after they made their debut. Many big fans of the manga or the musicals may already know, the four were deeply involved with the 4 Senshi in their past lives. From the standpoint of already knowing the end, this can’t be separated from the story’s “worldview” (general setting). If they are just wiped out in split seconds, it would be difficult to make the Guardians except for usagi to stand out (in the story). If there was enough space regarding the number of episodes, I wanted to write the episodes of the interactions between each other in their past lives. I tried to do what I could to flesh out (this concept) so please look forward to it in future acts. By the way, the Shitennou were named after minerals and gemstones, which have their meanings just like flower languages. Each type of gemstone has many symbolisms attached to them, some are referenced in the portrayals of the Shitennou in their past lives. I would be really happy if people could pay attention to it."
Jecksy-Candy Featured By Owner 6 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Setsuna-Yena Featured By Owner 6 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I'M SO EXCITED :iconinueyepoppingplz:
Setsuna-Yena Featured By Owner 6 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
*leaves this SMC interview here, cause I got feel and dunno who to share it with*

"The number of episodes will be exactly like the manga.

Also, he said that the Shitennou + Senshi setting is very important to the story’s worldview but he couldn’t write full episodes of their pasts because of that restraint and just did whatever he could to strengthen this subplot.

So Black Moon Arc here we come."


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