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Gothorita by Jecksy-Candy
i needed to draw a lolita dress for a long time now haha, so i took the chance to experiment this new shading style and i will try to incorporate it to my regular pieces and comissions cause i really liked the final product. 
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Hey everyone!
I'm dropping this here to say i will be livestreaming the new Saint Seiya movie, in a couple of minutes!

The movie is in japanese with english subtitles and lasts 1hour and 32 minutes, is awesome for any old school saint seiya fans and also a great action CG movie for those unfamiliar with the series! Is filled with fights and lots of comedy!



"Legend of Sanctuary is a retelling of the first story arc, “Sanctuary Saga”. Saori Kidou is a young girl troubled by her mysterious healing powers. On her 16th birthday, she finds out that she is the reincarnation of the Goddess Athena, shortly before a violent attempt on her life ordered by the Sanctuary's master, the mysterious Pope.

Saved in the nick of time by Seiya and his friends, Saori meets the 5 Bronze Saints who were raised to protect her. Together, Seiya, Hyouga , Shiryuu , Shun, and Ikki  will have to storm the 12 Zodiac Temples and face the 12 gold saints in Athena’s Sanctuary to reclaim her place from the false Athena residing within Sanctuary. Something goes wrong along the way, and they have to pass through all 12 Temples within 12 hours to save their goddess from imminent death." 

WorldTrain - Dominika by Jecksy-Candy
WorldTrain - Dominika
referred by 


Name: Dominika Drachenhertz
                   Nickname: Domi 
                    The Lucifer nicknames section:Violent One, spitfire, little sphinx, hissing kitten
Age: 24
Birthday: March 21st 
             StarSign: Aries 

Height:   183cm
Weight:  75 kg

Biological family: mother (deceased), Father (deceased), younger brother (missing)
Foster Family: Andre (brother), Veronica (Grandmother)(deceased)

Creature: Mutant(Meta) Human

Dominika was born with a specific mutation that caused her to have abnormally high levels of magnesium in her body, this resulted in a bejeweled-like skin on her arms and legs, spreading out gradually.  The mutation also turned her hair mint colored as she grew up. It is important to note that her mutation was not considered magical  but was grouped together in the prohibitions of the post magic world government .



Dominika is arrogant and proud. She has a really short temper that could get her to anger management class. She is always trying to show her strength and power and has the tendency to pick up fights for the silliest reasons. She is determined and doesn’t admit defeat easily, be in an argument or in a fist fight. She is also very suspicious of people in general ,and does not believe in anyone’ s innocence, on the other hand this hardened view of the world is not applied to children. She can be kind and gentle with kids and assumes a role of older sister.  Her stubbornness has a good side as well,  she is extremely dedicated to her interests (such as training and gardening) and aims to achieve perfection in those areas, Domi is also very loyal to her friends and will not abandon them even in the most endangering circumstances, however she is hard to befriend. Domi has too a difficult time to accept compliments and flattery in general and reacts violently most of the time to hide embarrassment.


Early life   
    Dominika was born in Germany, in the little town of Bremen up in the north. Her parents owned a small flower shop and were happy together. She was their first-born and when she was 4 years old her baby brother was born. Their family seemed perfect, the small town was isolated enough and wasn't disturbed by the world falling apart around them with the discover of magic and not even the unusual hair color of their daughter could ruin their peaceful life. Selling and tending to flowers was Dominika's life and she wouldn't wish anything was different. She found out her abilities gradually, the tip of her fingers would become green but since she wore gardening gloves most of the time, her parents wouldn't notice it, and when at the dinner table she wore gloves to hide them but as the mutation progressed, became more difficult to hide it. She began to realize something was different, it wasnt a simple pigmentation, her flowers were growing unusually stronger and she quickly connected the dots, however she thought that she was magical and wanted to explore her mutation to the max. In a few months she was able to snap her fingers and create sparks of light, but one day something went wrong at the greenhouse, and the spark ignited fire on the plants, she quickly grabbed a bucket of water, and unaware of the chemical reaction she was about to cause, she tossed the water on the fire. The flames grew suddenly consuming even more around them, including half of her face, and soon the greenhouse was on fire. While trying to escape her mother was hit by a falling wooden pillar and her father after rescuing her went back inside to save his beloved wife but none of them managed to come out. Dominika woke up at the hospital, given the news of her family's death, the 17-year-old girl was now alone, as she had no distant relatives and her younger brother's body wasnt found. Her injures were serious and she stayed at the hospital for the next months, and only after her birthday she was given authorization to leave, and with her parents money she became a backpacker. In Frankfurt she met a man who seemed interested in her abilities, having nothing else to lose she accepted his help and was taken to the US into DLHT, the defense laboratory of hazardous transgenic. 

The counter magic labs
     At the facility she learned that her abilities werent magical as she hoped but genetic, but before she could notice she found herself in the middle of an anti magic plot, they looked for counter weapons to neutralize magical beings and meta humans seemed to be the answer. They experimented on her and placed her with a partner. They became agents performing small tasks and missions mostly to test each new improvement that was done to them. The labs developed an extractor that would allow Domi to fuel a flame thrower with her own magnesium and when she had difficulties to deal with the side effects of the primary extractor, her partner, a red-haired young man, was there for her. He seemed as her friend and even if Domi had trouble connecting to others, she developed feelings for the male, but one day he left the team without explanations to her and moved on with his life, and with another person. She was from that point on disenchanted by love.
    Her heart became darker, fully aware that she was alone this time, and that there was no prince charming waiting around the corner. She focused on training much more than any of the other "lab rats" would, she let herself be tested freely and was given the CEL, cybernetic enhanced limbs. The experiments were highly neural and the doctors would try to stimulate her aggressiveness and it worked out perfectly. But she didn't become the submissive agent they expected and she left the labs when she became too unruly to stand being commanded around to spy, attack and capture people who she didn't even know what they were anymore.

Life underground

With all the magic talk spreading she needed to be careful where she showed her skills, and having forgotten her gardening talents she became a brawler. Fighting for the highest bet in underground rings. Her new arms gave her good advantage, she got good experience in losing and winning as well, eventually because of her recurrent winnings she had to leave each town to avoid attracting Government attention to her abilities. She traveled from the US down to south america where she found anonymity to be easier to handle. Was in one of those wanderings in Venezuela that she met a boy with a prosthetic arm, his name was Andre and soon they became friends. 

 New Family
       Not long after she met Andre, she met his grandmother, Veronica, the only member left on his family. The old woman was gentle and slowly warmed up the stone heart of Dominika. Veronica rescued Domi's gardening hobby again and some trace of the girl she used to be could be found in her again. She was taken in as part of their family and they cared for each other. Those were happy days. But as bitter as fate was it came the time the grandmother passed away. Domi became absent again returning to fight in alleys, not wanting to face Andre as it reminded her of her own past. But eventually she was overcome by guilt of leaving him to face it all alone and returned to him. It was but later that she heard of the mysterious magic train. It could different dimensions and ages? She could never fully adapt herself to magical concepts but it was time for her to move on. She invited Andre to go along with her, but she doesnt keep hope for much. She will wander again and perhaps she will be able to call the train her home.


Weapons:  CEL (cybernetic enhancing limbs).

Domi acquired those while in DLHT (Defense lab of hazardous transgenics). They enhance her human strength and have an intricate mechanism connected to her neural system. They are able to extract the element from her body and use it as fuel for a flamethrower device.


Greek Fire:

Magnesium is highly flammable, so a simple spark inside the CEL ignites fire and directs it to flamethrowers on the her hands, this fire, however, being fueled by magnesium cannot be put out by water, the chemical reaction between magnesium and water intensifies the flames.

Enhanced Strength :
The use of cybernetic prosthetics implants enhance her human strength to levels early inhuman, she can lift partially objects as heavy as cars and has a gripping force of 200 kilograms.

Flash canon:

This is not necessarily to be used by the CEL but are enhanced by them as well. Another natural property of magnesium is the bright light formed with impact (without sparks not to ignite fire), by snapping her fingers, the magnesium covered skin produces a bright light in small scale. The cybernetic enhancers create a larger area and direct the light towards an outlet on her lower arm, this light is able to blind momentarily those around inside a 7 meter radius approximately.


Here is one ability that is CEL cannot interfere with, be it a natural gift or another consequence of her mutation, Dominika has the gift for gardening, usually taking her rest days to take care of plants, the contact with magnesium makes the plants go strong and healthy. Dominika is more likely to talk to plants than with another human being. 


CEL  maintenance.

They require a lot of care to function properly and, despite being a great weapon they slow her movements down consistently as well as draining out her energy as they are powered by her neural system.

Arms in very fragile state without CEL support.

Because of the intense testing done on her while at DLHT, her arms that were already injured from the fire tragedy, were left in a very delicate state, as much as she tries to exercise them, they cannot be exposed to intense activities for long without the CEL, if Dominika engages in a fight without her gear depending on the level of the physical effort, her arms go numb and lose movement in about 5 minutes.


Her attacks in general are targeted to a group of people rather than one alone, so they are hardly suitable for accurate targets,  she can produce powerful flames but cannot control where those flames go.

Magnesium extraction

Despite her body being continuously producing magnesium, it is still part of her and to function as a weapon, the CEL forces the extraction of magnesium out of her body which is usually a painful process and is harmful for her health. Therefore Dominika must rest without the CEL at least 3 days in one month's period.

Health: 110
Magic: 20
Attack: 200
Defense: 100
Speed: 70

Flower pendant necklace given to her by Andre, she wears it underneath her top not to lose it or show it to anyone. -->  Aqua Wayfinder

Her personal treasure is a little pocket watch that belonged to her father and was the only item she was able to retrieve from the remnants of her house. It’s made of copper and doesn’t work anymore.

LIGHT CYCLE BIKE: This she stole from the DLHT , the bike runs on eletricity and it has a similar technology that of the teleportation devices, it looks like a simple baton but when divided in half the bike materializes and the baton turns into the handles. It has green neon light veins.…

Likes / Dislikes:

+ competitions
+ flowers and plants in general
+ kids
+ fancy tech

- tricksy people
- beauty and appearance related subjects
- restrains and enforced limitations
- skin contact.

Misc. Facts:

-> Is blind in one eye due to the accident caused when she was younger.
-> won't show her deformed face to anyone, it shames her.
-> cannot cook to save her life, tends to eat a lot of premade frozen food.
-> can hold her liquor pretty well and only acts grumpier when drunk.
-> cannot stand being near graves 
-> keeps a small bonsai tree with her at the cabin to which she tends to most lovingly

-> sequence of bike activation…




 Adoptive brother, at least is what she thinks he sees her as, even if she was taken in by his grandmother she could never feel part of another family and those kind of bonds were bittersweet to her. She worries for his well being and wants to see him happy, she is aware that she tends to upset him more often than she should. 

haha, now this is a very amusing relationship, she hates him for all his snarky remarks, but most of all because she is unable to take him down in battle and that is something she cannot stand, no matter how many good sides he might show, she will somehow still be annoyed at him. 
But with the proper interaction they may still someday become good friends, someday...maybe...
WT Commuter: Lucifer

RP Sample: 

Dominka scratched the back of her head . She crossed her arms and walked into the kitchen
" is everything ready you need any help?"
 not that she could cook, truly she couldnt but the question was more towards setting a table, tho since abuela's death it's been a while since they sat down, and even had dinner together. Domi would spend most of the nights out at motorcycle meet ups and picking fights. She placed her hand on her neck unsure of how to act while dining. Sure it was just not like she had to behave like a lady all of the sudden he was damn well aware that she was a brute. She nodded reassuring herself. She was a brute and just cause he was slightly taller than average males didnt mean he saw her any differently than what others saw. even after THAT. she huffed what on earth was she thinking!...well that's the thing she wasnt thinking at all. It bothered her a little not knowing why exactly led her to do what she just did. Why didnt she just punch his face like usual... perhaps they were both still too sensibilized by abuela's passing to cause more suffering to each other. She had been through this before, the feeling of losing the last person, she remembered it. Her gaze directed at him for a moment now. He only knows that now. It would be quite some time before she could hit him again without feeling like mauling a puppy. So she just sat there at the dinner table quietly neither daring to look up at each other. Thing that has become a habit since abuela died.
Christmas Dreams by Jecksy-Candy
Christmas Dreams
i had to pull this off in one day cause there was a contest for a national fanpage of sailor moon xD and they are holding this christmas fanart constest~the winner gets a plushie *_*

Comission Alucard by Jecksy-Candy

-- Rules --

:bulletblue: completed artwork is for Personal use only :bulletblue:

:bulletblue: Point comissions and Art trades are CLOSED :bulletblue:

:bulletblue: No refunds. Please be 100% positive that you want to commission me :bulletblue:

-- How It Rolls --

:bulletpink: Send me a note explaining your order :bulletpink:

:bulletpink: I will reply your request and give an approximate time in which I'll finish your comission, if accepted :bulletpink:

:bulletpink: Please transfer the payment and send note to me. I'll reply the note after the payment confirmed :bulletpink:

:bulletpink: Please do wait patiently for your art to be done, and take in consideration I might end up overwhelmed by college and family business :bulletpink:

-- Will Do --

:bulletgreen: OCs w/ refs
:bulletgreen: Fanart
:bulletgreen: Gijinkas
:bulletgreen: Portraits of Real People (friends and family)
:bulletgreen: Animals / Furries / Anthros
:bulletgreen: Weapons / Armor ( love those btw my best works are armored characters)

--Won't Do--

:bulletred: Yaoi / Yuri / Shounen-Ai / Shoujo-Ai
:bulletred: Hentai
:bulletred: Nudes

-- Prices --

:bulletpurple: Prices are in USD :bulletpurple:

:bulletpurple: If requesting for a specific pose will be charged + $5- $15 (depending on the difficulty of the pose)  Same for background, can be charged 
+ $5- $20 depending on difficulty

:bulletpurple: Prices per character :bulletpurple:

:star: Chibi :star:

Sketch - $3
Flat colors - $4 
Shaded - $6
Airbrush painting - $8
Comission - LittleNoko by Jecksy-Candy

:star: Headshot :star:

Sketch - $4
Flat colors - $6 
Shaded - $8
Airbrush painting - $13

Hashihime by Jecksy-Candy

:star: Bust-up :star:

Sketch -
Flat colors - $9
Shaded -  $10
Comission - Youkai-Meimi 2 by Jecksy-Candy

:star: Waist-up :star:

Sketch - $9
Flat colors - $13
Shaded - $17

SS-Naochiko by Jecksy-Candy

:star: Knee-up :star:

Sketch -$18
Flat colors - $25 
Shaded - $33

Bride of The Dragon by Jecksy-Candy

:star: Fullbody :star:

Sketch - $20
Flat colors - $30
Shaded - $40

Zhinlao by Jecksy-Candy
Comission2 - YoukaiMeimi by Jecksy-Candy

-- Payment --

:bulletpink: PayPal only -> ( )
:bulletpink: I will only begin to work on the piece after the payment has been confirmed on my PayPal account

-- Order Form --

Please fill this out when ordering and send it via DeviantArt note 

Subject: [Commission]

Commission Type: [ Headshot / Bust-up / Waist-up / Knee-up / Chibi ]

Style desired: [ Sketch / Flat / Shaded / Airbrush Painting ]

Reference: [Picture Link / can be written in details / Please be AS DETAILED AS YOU CAN for maximum appreciation]

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