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RULE by Jecksy-Candy
LoL i had this on my stash for some time and forgot to post it

Domi's bike cause bikeas are aweshuuummmmmmmmmm :iconsuperw00tplz:

Comission - setsuna-yena by Jecksy-Candy
Comission - setsuna-yena
Tacco and Ruby with extra shoujo kawaii ness for my shoujo kawaii moonie friend Setsuuuuuuu

I hope you like it dear :iconblushuplz:
Gothorita by Jecksy-Candy
i needed to draw a lolita dress for a long time now haha, so i took the chance to experiment this new shading style and i will try to incorporate it to my regular pieces and comissions cause i really liked the final product. 
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Hey everyone!
I'm dropping this here to say i will be livestreaming the new Saint Seiya movie, in a couple of minutes!

The movie is in japanese with english subtitles and lasts 1hour and 32 minutes, is awesome for any old school saint seiya fans and also a great action CG movie for those unfamiliar with the series! Is filled with fights and lots of comedy!



"Legend of Sanctuary is a retelling of the first story arc, “Sanctuary Saga”. Saori Kidou is a young girl troubled by her mysterious healing powers. On her 16th birthday, she finds out that she is the reincarnation of the Goddess Athena, shortly before a violent attempt on her life ordered by the Sanctuary's master, the mysterious Pope.

Saved in the nick of time by Seiya and his friends, Saori meets the 5 Bronze Saints who were raised to protect her. Together, Seiya, Hyouga , Shiryuu , Shun, and Ikki  will have to storm the 12 Zodiac Temples and face the 12 gold saints in Athena’s Sanctuary to reclaim her place from the false Athena residing within Sanctuary. Something goes wrong along the way, and they have to pass through all 12 Temples within 12 hours to save their goddess from imminent death." 

Comission Alucard by Jecksy-Candy

-- Rules --

:bulletblue: completed artwork is for Personal use only :bulletblue:

:bulletblue: Point comissions and Art trades are CLOSED :bulletblue:

:bulletblue: No refunds. Please be 100% positive that you want to commission me :bulletblue:

-- How It Rolls --

:bulletpink: Send me a note explaining your order :bulletpink:

:bulletpink: I will reply your request and give an approximate time in which I'll finish your comission, if accepted :bulletpink:

:bulletpink: Please transfer the payment and send note to me. I'll reply the note after the payment confirmed :bulletpink:

:bulletpink: Please do wait patiently for your art to be done, and take in consideration I might end up overwhelmed by college and family business :bulletpink:

-- Will Do --

:bulletgreen: OCs w/ refs
:bulletgreen: Fanart
:bulletgreen: Gijinkas
:bulletgreen: Portraits of Real People (friends and family)
:bulletgreen: Animals / Furries / Anthros
:bulletgreen: Weapons / Armor ( love those btw my best works are armored characters)

--Won't Do--

:bulletred: Yaoi / Yuri / Shounen-Ai / Shoujo-Ai
:bulletred: Hentai
:bulletred: Nudes

-- Prices --

:bulletpurple: Prices are in USD :bulletpurple:

:bulletpurple: If requesting for a specific pose will be charged + $5- $15 (depending on the difficulty of the pose)  Same for background, can be charged 
+ $5- $20 depending on difficulty

:bulletpurple: Prices per character :bulletpurple:

:star: Chibi :star:

Sketch - $3
Flat colors - $4 
Shaded - $6
Airbrush painting - $8
Comission - LittleNoko by Jecksy-Candy

:star: Headshot :star:

Sketch - $4
Flat colors - $6 
Shaded - $8
Airbrush painting - $13

Hashihime by Jecksy-Candy

:star: Bust-up :star:

Sketch -
Flat colors - $9
Shaded -  $10
Comission - Youkai-Meimi 2 by Jecksy-Candy

:star: Waist-up :star:

Sketch - $9
Flat colors - $13
Shaded - $17

SS-Naochiko by Jecksy-Candy

:star: Knee-up :star:

Sketch -$18
Flat colors - $25 
Shaded - $33

Bride of The Dragon by Jecksy-Candy

:star: Fullbody :star:

Sketch - $20
Flat colors - $30
Shaded - $40

Zhinlao by Jecksy-Candy
Comission2 - YoukaiMeimi by Jecksy-Candy

-- Payment --

:bulletpink: PayPal only -> ( )
:bulletpink: I will only begin to work on the piece after the payment has been confirmed on my PayPal account

-- Order Form --

Please fill this out when ordering and send it via DeviantArt note 

Subject: [Commission]

Commission Type: [ Headshot / Bust-up / Waist-up / Knee-up / Chibi ]

Style desired: [ Sketch / Flat / Shaded / Airbrush Painting ]

Reference: [Picture Link / can be written in details / Please be AS DETAILED AS YOU CAN for maximum appreciation]

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