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June 4, 2012
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Pokimono-Senritsuhime by Jecksy-Candy Pokimono-Senritsuhime by Jecksy-Candy
:bulletgreen:Name: Senritsuhime
meaning: Melody princess

:bulletblack:Pokemon: Meloetta

:bulletgreen:Age: 25 

:bulletblack:Village :Scorched Mountain


:bulletblack:Ability:Serene Grace


:bulletwhite:Relic Song :iconnormaltypeplz:
:bulletwhite:Stone Edge :iconrocktypeplz:
:bulletred:Close Combat :iconfightingtypeplz:
:bulletpink:Psychic :iconpsychictypeplz:

:bulletblack:Likes: Music, performers, happy-go-lucky people, mint, perfumes and flowers in general, going out, teaching, despite her frail look she likes hard work and can take a rough routine

:bulletgreen:Dislikes: “emptiness”, things without meaning, blood, not feeling helpful enough

:bulletblack:Personality:Her personality is basically cut up into two pieces, despite sharing traits, when she is in ARIA forme she is very soft spoken,mature and calm, when she activates her PIRUETTE forme she becomes more impetuous, loud and a bit aggressive. But no matter what form she takes she is usually very gentle and friendly, she has a vivacious side which she lets it show more in her pirouette form. She is very optimistic but not carefree.


Sen wasn’t born in scorched mountain. Actually not even she knows where she was born. Her parents were a loving, miserable poor couple of farmers, they lived on the outskirts of the village, despite their hard life she was happy.
However her mother had fallen ill, and her father was getting old. The prospects for the future of that family weren’t very good. Sen would go daily at the market place to sell fresh vegetables and she worked very hard on it. She lead the old boufflant with a chariot, she would walk so more goods would fit in, once in the village she would set up the stand all by herself, it was a bit hard for such a tiny girl but it was necessary. At the end of the day she would sing, as usual, a merry melody she was proud to say she composed herself and on the way back to the farm she would stop at the same music store every single time and look into it. All the beautiful instruments in there, she was so curious about them, and earned for one in special, it wasn’t from this country, it had a long and thin neck and a small base made of ekans skin, an erhu. She saw a woman playing it once, she heard the sound and followed it to a garden. Hidden between the bushes she watched the beautiful woman play.
One morning she was selling vegetables at the village market as usual. When she saw that same beautiful lady in high red getas followed by an entourage. Even the servants were beautiful, carrying a parasol, and holding her kimono so it wouldn’t touch the dusty floor, but the figure they escorted was the most heavenly thing that stepped into earth, so it was the little girl’s opinion. Just as radiant as the day Sen saw her at the garden.
It was when the woman looked straight into her eyes, she freezed in horror and held her breath. But as soon as she came the noble woman was gone. The days passed and life returned to it’s normal pace, until one of those servants from the entourage, came to her and bought some vegetable, she couldn’t understand why, but the money given was a lot more than the food was worth. She couldn’t be happier! It was enough money to buy medicine for her mother for over 4 months! She ran to the apothecary, but she stopped. There was the store, the erhu, her dream. Her happiness faded away. This was an unique chance of getting the instrument. No. She shook her head. She wouldn’t do it. Her mother needed the potions. She resumed her way to the apothecary with a heavy heart. But when she saw her mother’s smile and received her father’s proud pat on her head, nothing else would matter. Of course not. But life couldn’t be this pretty. A slave merchant caravan , came one night, of course a girl with such exotic eyes couldn’t be wasted like that, her father tried to stop but he was killed, her mother couldn’t even move from where she was laying. Sen was dragged away and the farm was burned down. After the first night, however the caravan itself was attacked. Samurais. Easily the warriors terminated the slave dealers and released the slaves, but one of the samurais came to her, he was tall, large and old.
“Little girl…” he said kneeling “We’ve come for you. There is someone that grieves for your lost and wishes to take you in.”
Her face and clothes were full of blood and dirt. She didn’t answer, nor did she feel happy with the news. The ones that mattered were not there anymore. To her surprise the one that had sent the samurais and wished to adopt her was no other than the beautiful woman. A milotic called Yuko. She explained the child how she had been observing her lately, and that she recognized her to be the legendary Meloetta. She changed Sen’s name to Senritsuhime, and taught her many things. From literature and music to mathematics. The small girl couldn’t help but be captivated by the milotic’s kind nature, and slowly the sorrow and grief for her parents became admiration and nurtured a new dream. Yuko made it clear for her that someday she would need to take her place in the village, but for the meanwhile she would be kept in safety inside the large compound. Now the time has come, and she will step up as a guardian to honor her parents and her godmother.

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Lady-Yuukie Featured By Owner Aug 4, 2014
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Lady-Yuukie Featured By Owner Aug 4, 2014
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